Apr 2 2005

Car Ride Vlog

Some thoughts on the road home from Lynchburg…

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Apr 2 2005

Podcasting Session Notes

Here are the notes from my podcasting workshop:

Podcasting and Internet Evangelism Session Notes [PDF 80k]

For hosting, also check out OurMedia.org for free podcasting/vlogging hosting.

For recording, check out
Super MP3 Recorder Pro, recently used by Adam Curry on the Daily Source Code

For a freeware option, try All2Wav paired with RazorLAME

Apr 2 2005

Links for Blogging Session

Here are the links mentioned in the blogging session- this is incomplete- I’ll add the rest when I can watch the archive video.

Blogging Panel

Blogging Services

Ping this

Blog Search

Blooging tutorials

Apr 2 2005

Why Vlog?

Awhile back I recorded this video… I’m calling it “Why Vlog?”

In it I ask some questions that have been answered this weekend- by meeting a real vlogger and seeing the real potential of this medium.

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Apr 2 2005

My first Vlog

I vlogged Aaron Flores vlogging a member of the audience of the Vlogging Workshop at the Internet Evangelism conference. Check it out:

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Apr 2 2005

Disambiguous Soteriology

Disambiguous Soteriology is currently not in the Google index, but it will be soon!